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Ratanlal C.Bafna Jewellers.Company


India, Maharashtra, Aurangabad, 611002, Akashwani Chowk, Opposite Big Bazar, Aurangabad


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Company Ratanlal C.Bafna Jewellers.Company

Shri. Ratanlal C. Bafna the founder of 'Swarnatirth' was born in Bhopalgarh, in Rajasthan. His education wound up after SSC & in 1954 he landed a job at one of the reputed jewellers in Jalgaon. In his ninteen years of employment, he collected a vast experience. He gained expertize in knowing the needs of customer, their likes & dislikes. With new dreams, new ideas, new visions, he resigned from his job & in 1974 he opened his own gold & silver showroom with his new interest. He found a new direction to his life, his confidence reached new heights starting with just few employees. Bafnaji's hard work, their brand name RC was soon become the choice of the people for quality & purity. Each customer is given individual attention and treated with respect and ...... This has made him to gain the trust of his customers and to that effect 'Where Trust is Tradition' has become the baseline for everyone who deals with R.C. Bafna Jewellers. " The way I am " People wonder why Jalgaon is famous for gold. Read on to know the story of the man who played a major role in converting Jalgaon as sate`s gold city. “Man who converted Jalgaon into gold city.” Ratanlal C. Bafana Founder R. C. Bafna Jewelers. Entering into Ratanlalji Bafana`s jewellery showroom in Jalgaon itself is treat. Whether you are a potential customer just or mere visitor a celebrity or nobody you enter the showroom and you will be greeted immediately with water followed by a cup of specially prepared tea, coffee or lassi and ask Ratanlalji why he is taking so much care of customers when he is so confident his quality, he replies with generous smile, People come from far away places to my showroom, " To kya mein Unke Liye Itna Bhi Na Karoon?" Such is the nature of Ratanlalji Bafana. He came to Jalgaon from Rajasthan in 1954 and joined Rajmal Lakhichand. “After working there for some time, I realised the shortcoming in gold business and found that the gold business in Jalgaon was not catering to the expectation of the customers,” recalled Ratanlalji and continued, It was surprising for me that customer came & asked for gold ornaments but we didn't have really available. “I urged my shop owner to keep the readymade gold ornaments in the shop and for this, even brought experts from other states.” But just this was not enough he had to fight extensively for making the new trend popular among the jewellers. Ratanlalji was stronger than the government law, he rushed to New Delhi and put his case if front of Sheelchand Jain President of All India Jewellers Associations and sought his help. Sheelchand Jain was surprised when he learnt of his caliber in the Jewellery and immediately wrote to government “If you can`t issue a license to Ratanlal Bafana then no one in country deserve so.” Ratanlaji got the license and today he is having two splendid showrooms in Jalgaon & Aurangabad. He is so sure of his gold quality that he has installed caroto-meters in all his showrooms so as to facilitate the customer to check the quality of gold. People have bought gold ornaments from my showroom till now, but no one can complaint that we have cheated then in quality.” proudly said Ratanlalaji.


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